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Matrimonial Law

Nikhman & Usher PLLC specializes in various family law sectors, offering expertise from handling complex international matters to ensuring the welfare of children in custody battles. Their dedicated professionals prioritize empathy in divorce situations, asset protection, and offer tailored services. 

Divorce and Separation:


We provide comprehensive legal solutions for both contested and uncontested divorces, legal separations, property divisions, alimony or spousal support, and child custody and support arrangements.


We offer personalized legal guidance tailored to each client's unique situation, encompassing negotiation, mediation, and litigation when required. We also specialize in enforcing and modifying existing orders.

Legal Process:

Our systematic approach to divorce and separation cases begins with filing the divorce petition, serving necessary papers, and responding. We then proceed with discovery and engage in settlement negotiations, going to trial when it serves our client's best interests.

Navigating Divorce:

We guide you through the complexities of legal separation and divorce, combining empathy with legal expertise for optimal outcomes.

Spousal Support:

Our legal team provides thorough assistance in matters concerning equitable spousal support, leveraging effective negotiation tactics.

Child Custody and Support:


Our services cover a wide range of child custody issues, including representation in disputes, crafting parenting plans, child support calculations, as well as enforcement and modifications.


We focus on the best interest of the child, with a deep understanding of state guidelines and collaborative work with child psychologists and experts to build the strongest case possible.

Legal Process:

Our methodology includes filing the appropriate motions, attending hearings, and engaging in effective negotiations or mediation. If an agreement cannot be reached, we are fully prepared for court intervention.

Child Custody:

Our team is committed to prioritizing the best interests of the children involved, employing a personalized approach for unparalleled client satisfaction. for unparalleled client satisfaction and personalized approach.

Child Support:

We work diligently to ensure fair financial arrangements that cater to the welfare of the child or children involved.

Specialized Matrimonial Services

International Matters:

We offer specialized guidance in international family law issues, including immigration challenges and international divorce proceedings.

Family Law Appeals:

Trust us for effective representation and strategic planning in family law appeals, aimed at achieving your desired outcomes.

Wealth Protection:

Our focus is on leveraging sophisticated legal strategies to protect and preserve your financial assets during turbulent times.

High Net-Worth:

We offer tailored legal services designed to meet the unique needs of high net-worth individuals and businesses, ensuring discretion and efficacy.

Why Nikhman & Usher PLLCfor Matrimonial Law​?

Personalized Attention:

We offer meticulously tailored solutions that address each client's unique needs, from prenuptial agreements to complex divorce settlements, ensuring a personalized legal pathway for you.


We prioritize client needs with a comprehensive approach that includes consistent communication, compassionate guidance, and a transparent fee structure, ensuring you are fully supported.

Proven Success:

Our firm has a rich history in matrimonial law, consistently navigating complex cases to achieve fair outcomes while vigilantly upholding client rights, ensuring you're in capable hands.

Community Engagement:

We actively contribute to the community by promoting fair matrimonial practices, providing valuable education, and focusing on the overall wellbeing of families, ensuring societal impact.