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Tailored Solutions, Trusted Advice

Welcome to Nikhman & Usher PLLC

A boutique law firm in Hollywood, Florida focusing on key areas such as family law, personal injury, real estate, immigration, and civil litigation. Our approach emphasizes rigorous expertise and targeted guidance to help you navigate through the complexities of your legal concerns effectively.

About Us

A New Standard in Legal Excellence

At Nikhman & Usher PLLC, we take pride in setting a new benchmark for legal excellence. Our commitment is unwavering when it comes to providing exceptional service, upholding the highest levels of integrity, and ensuring client satisfaction. 

Focused on Your Needs

Understanding your distinct situation isn’t just our goal—it’s our commitment. By honing in on what you specifically require, we aim to provide the most effective and personalized legal advice possible.

Tailored Legal Advice

Your success is our priority. With a mastery of legal complexities, we offer expert advice infused with valuable insights. This isn’t just legal counsel; it’s a tailored plan built around your needs and goals.

Our Practice Areas

Providing comprehensive legal services tailored to individual needs. For us, excellence is not just an aspiration—it’s the standard by which we operate.

Immigration Law

Specializing in family and employment visas, deportation defense, and citizenship applications. Your future, secured.

Personal Injury

Focused on motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, and liability cases. Achieving favorable outcomes for you.

Matrimonial Law

Expertise in prenuptial agreements, divorces, child custody, and more. We guide you through every step. We prioritize empathy.

Real Estate

Comprehensive services in property transactions, landlord-tenant disputes, and real estate litigation.

How It Works

Consult with our dedicated team to understand your legal needs. Together, we strategize a tailored plan, then take decisive action for your success.

Consult & Analyze

Begin with an in-depth consultation where we discuss your unique legal needs. We'll also gather all necessary documents to lay the groundwork for your case.

Strategize & Plan

Together, we develop a custom legal roadmap for your case. This plan is then fine-tuned to ensure it aligns perfectly with your needs and objectives.

Take Action & Execute

Execution is key. We put your tailored plan into motion, whether it's through court filings, negotiations, or alternative methods. Your success is our priority.

Located in Hollywood, Florida

Our office is ready to welcome you! 

1221 S 21st Ave
Hollywood, FL 33020