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Immigration Law

At Nikhman & Usher PLLC, our immigration attorneys understand the complexities and challenges of immigration law. We are dedicated to guiding individuals, families, and businesses through the immigration journey with expertise, compassion, and personalized attention.

Family Immigration

Cases We Handle:

We provide comprehensive assistance for a variety of family-based immigration needs, including family-based visas, fiancé(e) visas, adjustment of status, and consular processing.


Our team specializes in navigating the complexities of family reunification, overcoming visa denials, and staying abreast of ever-changing immigration laws to ensure compliance.

Legal Process:

Our thorough approach involves gathering all required documentation, preparing and submitting visa applications, and representing clients during interviews and hearings.

Employment Immigration

Cases We Handle:

We assist with a range of employment-based immigration cases, such as H-1B visas, L-1 visas, EB-1 to EB-5 visas, labor certifications, and work permits.


Our focus is on helping both employers and employees obtain appropriate work visas, addressing compliance issues, and providing robust representation during audits and investigations.

Legal Process:

We manage the preparation of petitions and applications, liaison with government agencies, and offer ongoing legal support throughout the immigration process.

Deportation Defense

Cases We Handle:

Our firm represents clients in removal proceedings, asylum claims, cancellation of removal, and appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals.


We offer aggressive defense strategies in deportation cases, including tactical planning for relief options and robust representation in immigration courts.

Legal Process:

We handle each case from analysis to defense preparation, representing clients in hearings and filing appeals when necessary.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Cases We Handle:

We assist clients with citizenship applications, the naturalization process, and matters related to dual citizenship.


Our team provides guidance through eligibility requirements, preparation for the citizenship test, and addresses complex citizenship challenges.

Legal Process:

Our services include filing applications, preparing clients for interviews and exams, and proactively addressing potential challenges to naturalization.

Why Nikhman & Usher PLLC for Immigration Law?

Personalized Attention:

We provide customized legal strategies designed to meet each client's unique immigration objectives, ensuring that your pathway to the U.S. is as smooth as possible.


Our dedication to clients is evident through regular communication, compassionate guidance, and a transparent fee structure, ensuring you are never in the dark about your case or costs.

Proven Success:

With our extensive and varied experience, we've successfully handled a wide range of immigration matters, ensuring a high degree of expertise in this ever-changing field of law.

Community Engagement:

We are deeply committed to supporting immigrant communities. Our firm is proactive in providing educational resources and advocating for immigrant rights and awareness.